Crooked Arm Ridge Trail

Miles:  2.2 miles           Elevation Gain:   1480↓          Elev./Mi:   672          Grade:  13%          

Difficulty:  Class HC     Hiking Time: 0:53       Pace:  2.5  mph        Avg. Temp.:   43.5         

This trail was part of a loop hike from Rich Mountain Loop Trail

The Trail

Crooked Arm Ridge Trail runs between Rich Mountain Loop Trail and Indian Grave Gap Trail.  The closest accessible trailhead is 0.5 miles on the Rich Mountain Loop Trail from its trailhead at Cades Cove.  The Crooked Arm Cascade is at 0.2 miles.  From there the trail earns its namesake as it climbs rather steeply through several switchbacks for the remainder of its length.  Along the trail there are beautiful views of Cades Cove.

Although there are no campsites on the trail, there is Campsite 6 near on Scott Mountain Trail the intersection with Indian Grave Gap Trail.

Crooked Arm Cascade

Crooked Arm Cascade

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