Campsite #18 – West Prong

CS #18

CS #18

Campsite #18 – West Prong

West Prong Trail – Campsite #18 is 2.1 miles from the trailhead at the parking area off Tremont Road.

Capacity: 12

Rating: 4

Water: Available from West Prong.

The hike in is relatively for overnighters and the site lays along the picturesque West Prong of the Little River.  The site is actually several sites but they are principally located in a front IMG_2640area on the West Prong and a more suitable area further behind.  The site’s capacity is listed as 12 but there is profound impact on the front area indicating a fair amount of overuse.  The area opens up immediately upon crossing the footlog over West Prong and the trial appears to pass through the middle of the site.  There is little ground cover and much exposed dirt which would drain poorly.  But there are plenty of level sites for tents.  There is no seclusion whatsoever in the front area.  The back area is a much better option.  In fact, the bear cables are located in the back section which may indicate that is IMG_2645the intended site.  But flat areas along the West Prong proved too attractive.

Rating Review

  • Bear cables – generally a given but some site may not have them
  • Good water source
  • Level tent sites
  • X Factor – West Prong is pretty nice.

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