Campsite #52 – Newton Bald

IMG_2671Campsite #52 – Newton Bald

Newton Bald Trail – 0.3 miles past the intersection with Mingus Creek Trail at Newton Bald, 5.4 miles from Newfound Gap Road and 0.1 miles from the intersection with Thomas Divide Trail

Capacity: 8

Rating: 4

Water: About 100 yds off the ridge to a stream

Campsite #52 has a couple sections.  The first is right off the trail near the bear cables and the second is up on a small nob, which has more level tent sites.  The site is neither remarkable nor is it a bad spot.  It could be more secluded but the upper site is sufficiently off the trail.  The water source is down a steep descent off the ridge, which could be slippery and muddy in wet weather.

Rating Summary:

  • Water
  • Level tent sites
  • Bear Cables
  • Low impact

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