Campsite #3 – Hesse Creek

Campsite #3 = Hesse Creek

Campsite #3 = Hesse Creek

Campsite #3 – Hesse Creek

Beard Cane Trail – about 3.7 miles from the intersection with Cooper Road Trail, 0.6 miles from the intersection with Ace Gap Trail.

Capacity: 8

Rating: 7

Water: Available from Hesse Creek.

Campsite #3 is very nice site directly off the creek.  The is one fire ring and one set of bear cables.  The site is just off the trail and highly visible but very little impact as evidenced from an abundance of dead and down wood in the vicinity.  Despite being close to the trail, the site is still very lovely as it is situated on the creek.

Rating Review

  • Ready access to water
  • Bear cables – generally a given but some site may not have them
  • Low Impact – little evidence of overuse such as sparse vegetation and general appearance
  • Dry or properly draining tent sites
  • Level tent sites
  • Inspirational location
  • X-Factor – that certain je ne sais quoi

HikerHead 2  Shalom.  Strider out…


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