Campsite #14 – Flint Gap

IMG_2709Campsite #14 – Flint Gap

Hannah Mountain Trail – 5.1 miles from the Trailhead at Hatcher Mountain/Abrams Falls Trails, 4.4 miles from the trailhead at Sams Gap.

Capacity: 8

Rating: 1

Water: About 0.3 miles south of the site at a stream crossing in the trail.

Flint Gap at 2,050 ft. is the inspiration for this very feature of this blog.  The site is so underwhelming as to warrant special attention.  For starters, the site is situated right in the trail itself with the fire ring and bear cables mere feet off the trail.  The gap is small and narrow with few level places for tents although up ridge a few yards, one may find a good spot or two.  There are plenty of good trees for hammocks but be aware that other hikers will pass in very close proximity to your camp.  The guide books speak of a spring down the ridge but it has yet to reveal itself.  The better water source is the stream crossing about 0.3 miles south.  About the only highlighted feature of the site is the bear cables.

When planning a trip, you may consider Campsite #16 in Scott Gap 3.0 miles north.

Rating Summary:

  • Bear Cables


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