Campsite #15 – Rabbit Creek

IMG_2696Campsite #15 – Rabbit Creek

Rabbit Creek Trail – 3.7 miles from the Trailhead at Abrams Creek Campground and , 4.1 miles from the trailhead at Abrams Falls Trail.

Capacity: 12

Rating: 1

Water: Rabbit Creek very near the site

Rabbit Creek Campsite at 1,550 ft. is an inviting place to spend the night, although the first impression is deceiving.  The site is split with the upper and most obvious site being rather small with room for perhaps one tent.  But on the lower side is a bit of an annex near Rabbit Creek.  The site is visited with Eastern Hemlocks providing nice ground cover.  Rabbit Creek is a little nicer alternative to CS#16 at Scott Gap and it is a certain improvement over CS #14 at Flint Gap.

Rabbit Creek at CS # 15

Rabbit Creek at CS # 15 with a visit from a friend

Rating Summary:

  • Level tent sites
  • Well drained sites
  • Low Impact
  • Good water source
  • Bear Cables

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