Campsite #9 – Anthony Creek

Campsite #9

Campsite #9

Campsite #9 – Anthony Creek

Anthony Creek Trail – Campsite #9 is 2.8 miles from the trailhead at Cades Cove Picnic Area and 0.7 miles from the intersection with Bote Mountain Trail.

Capacity: 8

Rating: 3

Water: Available from Anthony Creek.

Campsite #9 is at a switchback in the trail as it crosses Anthony Creek before the trail starts a fairly steep climb up to the intersection with Bote Mountain Trail.  This site is fairly popular and generally shows it as there is little ground cover.  As is typical of many sites, it is close to the trail and this is a particularly popular route for day hikers.  Not much seclusion.  There are plenty of tent sites but drainage may be an issue in heavy rain.

Rating Review

  • Bear cables – generally a given but some site may not have them
  • Good water source
  • Level tent sites

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